GHS Personnel, strong at work!

GHS Personnel is a specialist service company. GHS as temporary secondment organization operates from four offices in the Netherlands and has its own recruitment agency in Poland. Since 1996 we are active and we currently have a pool of about 600 enthusiastic, experienced employees who are employed in various industries. For both clients and employees GHS clearly distinguishes itself from other agencies and staffing companies because:

  •  GHS is 24-hour accessible and can offer at the last minute a solution for you;
  •  GHS is reliable, certified VCU-2011/05;NEN-4400;SNF Flexwonen;
  •  GHS has a pool of 800 highly enthusiastic and experienced staff;
  •  GHS gets the best out of people through training programs and guidance;
  •  GHS has its own fleet which offers great flexibility.

Through years of experience and accumulated specialization in branches, GHS understands the language of the client. Because the planners have years of experience in the workplace of one of the sectors they know what you’re talking about. In addition, all consultants are trained and schooled in relation to the latest demands in the staffing industry!

More information?

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